About Us

The origins of PlymKraft, Inc. and the Columbian Specialty Products Division lay in the distant past with the renowned Plymouth Cordage Company founded in 1824 and the distinguished Columbian Rope Company established in 1903, both once the world’s largest producers of exceptionally high quality fiber rope and twine products.

PlymKraft and Columbian Specialty Products continue today with the long-standing tradition of quality products manufactured with pride of workmanship. The formula for our success Is simple; quality materials combined with dedicated, knowledgeable workmanship equaling quality products.

With PlymKraft being a major cable filler supplier to the North America Wire and Cable Industry and Columbian Specialty Products the prominent U.S. manufacturer of military specification and specialty ropes our organization is distinguished and recognized as “the” sole source for many products all of which encompass reliable excellence in value.

PlymKraft cable fillers whether constructed from paper or polypropylene provide superior components for your wire and cable application. Furnished in a multitude of diameters and packaging options we economically and efficiently accompany your manufacturing requirements with well-timed delivery of superior quality products.

Columbian Specialty Products management believes in focusing on principles that contribute value toour production and principles that lead to customer trust, preference and positive fulfilment. The CSP division is engaged in design and manufacturing of specialty rope products for Military and Marine applications, Arboriculture, and Various Other Industries. The division operates with a high degree of effectiveness and through our ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System intends to preserve customer satisfaction and maintain our reputation of reliability and trustworthiness.